Monday, October 20, 2008

The Evidence is Everywhere

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The study of science does not refute Creationism, it supports it. The apparent age of the earth is easily explained. God created it that way. Suppose you were standing next to God when He created the first oak tree. One minute it's not there, the next minute it is. OK, if you cut the tree down, what would you see? Rings, of course. If you counted the rings, you might mistakenly think it was a hundred years old. Yet it wasn't there a few minutes ago. Rings are part of the oak tree, so why would God create something incomplete? He wouldn't, of course; He would and DID create it complete. He wouldn't create an oak tree without rings any more than He'd create it without leaves or bark. If you're going to create an oak tree, you have to create the whole oak tree. Whether that is in the form of an acorn or a full sized oak tree, the complexity and completeness is still there. And so it is with all the earth. I'm not saying the earth isn't billions of years old. It very well may be, but it certainly doesn't HAVE to be.

If you buy a jigsaw puzzle you get to see the picture on the box. Then you put it together using all the pieces of the puzzle and referring frequently to the picture. But the fossil record is a bit different than that. Suppose I take a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and throw away about 9,500 pieces randomly. Most importantly, I also throw away the box. Now I give you the remaining 500 pieces and ask you to tell me what the picture is. You might make a pretty good guess or you might not. I'm not saying the theory of evolution is right and I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm just saying it's based on such sparse information than no one else can know either. To believe in it, at least apart from a creator, requires more faith than I can muster. Comparitively speaking, believing that God created everything requires far less faith. It just makes more sense. It's a more reasonable conclusion when you study the science.

When I was at A&M, I took Comparative Chordate Anatomy, Mammology, Ornithology, Dendrology, Ichthiology, Herpetology, Botany.... and a heck of a lot of other sciences I can't even remember right now. Much to Dr. G's dismay I'm sure (an otherwise intelligent man who can't see the forest for the trees), the more science I learned, the more absolutely convinced I became that everything we see around us could not possibly happen by mere chance. It is a scientific principle that, left to chance, order becomes disorder, never the other way around. To create order from disorder requires energy. In this case, God's energy.

It absolutely astounds me that some people can look around them and see the creations without knowing that there is a Creator. Jump into any area of science and prepare to be amazed. The discoveries NEVER end! The complexities of the world around us are mind boggling. Any part of the human body alone can keep you busy exploring and discovering for a lifetime. The more I know, the more I begin to realize just how much more I still don't know and the more I am absolutely convinced that it couldn't possibly have happened by chance. Without meaning to be judgemental, I have to tell you... from my point of view, someone would almost have to turn their brain off and stick their head in the sand to deny that there is a Creator behind the world around us. The evidence is SCREAMING!

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Cher said...

Very subtle signature. It stands out with its simplicity.

You're very deep this morning. I'm glad someone is. I don't seem to into heavy thinking right now, just heavy breathing as I move furniture in order to paint a room.

Didn't realize you were an Aggie boy. You must know this neck of the woods pretty good. You'll have to bring Mindy and visit.

The Texas Woman

thedomesticfringe said...

What a great post David. Glad you added the link to your comment. If I had read this post previously, I would have linked to it myself.

Thanks for helping me out. ;-) Hope you and Mindy enjoyed the symphony this past weekend.