Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Wonderful Life Is While You're In the World

Trying on Hats, originally uploaded by Snakelover61.

You probably recognize the words from Elton John. Indeed, she does enhance my life greatly. I also love this story from "Story People" called "Possible Love."

"She learned to love him before he thought it was even possible, so he didn't have a chance to hide and mess it up and while it was a little scary at times, mainly he could not even imagine the world without her there."

Mindy would point out that I once tried to hide and mess it up, but by then it was too late for such nonsense and she would have none of that. I'm very lucky in that regard. It's not every woman that will save you from your own worst tendencies.

Besides me, she also loves hats. And why wouldn't she? She looks great in all of them.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

It wasn't until you showed me your own inner beauty that it became a part of me, and it now reflects back to you in my eyes. Thank you for capturing my love in your pictures. It always amazes me, but I'm not sure why. ~the hat girl

David said...

Awwww! You say the sweetest things, my love!

Cher said...

IT Guy says to cut that lovey-dovey stuff out, David! You're just making it harder and harder on the average male!

Me? I just cut and paste his name over yours and pretend he sent it to me. I have a vivid imagination!

The Texas Woman