Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blast from the Past - Stuck in the Desert

Stuck in the Desert, originally uploaded by Snakelover61.

OK, first of all, I have been thinking about the giveaway that I mentioned in my last post. I realize that some people may "follow" on other blog sites. Also, some people keep up with my blog through ways other than following. I don't want to make the drawing a complicated process. So I've decided to take out the follower element and just do the drawing based on comments only. Of course, being a follower probably means you read more and thus leave more comments, so in that sense, it still does give a better chance of winning. I'm still thinking of what I want to give away. There may be more than one winner and there may be a choice of prizes. Haven't decided; the wheels are still turning!

I'm also thinking about occasionally blogging a "Blast from the Past" photo like the one above. What do you think? Good idea or no? If this one is well received, perhaps more will follow.

This photo was taken many, many, MANY miles from the nearest civilization in the desert of Big Bend National Park. For those who may not be familiar, this is out in west Texas as Johnny Rodriguez sang, "Down by the Rio Grande." It was the early 80's, before the days of cell phones. We took a wrong turn to a primitive campsite and ended up with more primitive than we bargained for. When all traces of anything resembling a road vanished, I tried to turn around but the back wheels of the car dropped off into a depression.

As you can see, I was still in my redneck phase. My then girlfriend (later to be ex-wife) snapped this picture when I stopped to take a break. I had to jack up the car, one side at a time and put rocks under the rear tires until I could drive it forward. All this with an old bumper jack that had no base, so I had to place the jack on a flat rock and balance the car as I jacked it up. I also had to weight down the trunk with rocks to get traction.

When I first started, both the trunk and the center of the car were completely on the ground with no weight on the back tires at all. We had to pitch our tent and camp out here overnight. The entire community of Panther Junction was just a tiny flicker of light in the distance. No other signs of civilization at all. Got it out bright and early the next morning. Good times!

OK, what do you think? Would you like to see more of these kinds of old photo scans? Or should I stick to modern photography?


Beth said...

great pic and great story!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

You know I love your new-fangled digital photography, but I am also a fan of nostalgia. I say do what you want! I love the photo and the story. I especially love the hair!!! :) Ah, the early 80s!

thedomesticfringe said...

I like the blast from the past! That's an awesome picture and a good story. It's fun to hear old stories.


trash talk said...

I love old stories! Just a couple of observations:
1. The 'do looks like something out of "Dazed and Confused"!
2. The fact you ex was taking snapshots while you were trying to get the car out should have been a hint of things to come or am I reading it wrong?
I also love vintage photos, so if you're looking for votes, I vote yes! Debbie

Cher said...

Were you scared you were gonna die there? I would have been!

The Texas Woman

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What he kindly did not tell you is that the chick guided him directly into the ditch. Hint of things to come? I do believe! I love these old pics and stories. If we can get him to post a picture of his wedding to that chick, we'll emjoy something straight out of Gone with the Wind. C'mon David. Show us! Show us! he he he ~Mindy

bella shabby said...

I vote for seeing the Gone with the Wind wedding photos - Mindy has peaked my curiousity. Really - old photos are fun and the stories behind them help us to get to know the whole person.


Phyllis said...

I can't believe you were old enough to have a drivers license. You look like a very very young version of yourself. Loved the story. I am sure it wasn't intended to be funny, but I was laughing. Like Mindy, I have a weird sense of humor.
Sign me up for that drawing.

Beth said...

my sister was a Baylor Bear! I went to Asbury College (Wilmore, KY) my first year, Calvary Bible College (Kansas City, MO) the next four.

David said...

I don't have any of the "Gone With the Wind" wedding photos. My mom has them, though, so I might see about getting one from her to scan. Funny!

Yes, fairly long hair was still in style during my college years. And, yes Phyllis, I had a baby face! I was either 20 or 21 years old in this picture.

Deb, you might be onto something! As Mindy said, "the chick" did kind of direct me into the ditch. I asked her, "Is there anything behind me?" and she said no. Afterwards, I said, "I thought you said there was nothing behind me." She said, "I thought you meant like a tree or something." My bad! I should have been more specific! lol

Cher, I was definitely concerned, but not scared of death. At least not yet. Since we were prepared for backpack camping, we had provisions, including about three days worth of water and freeze-dried food. We were no more than a day's hike to the road that goes from Persimmon Gap down to Panther Junction. If we hiked to that road, someone would have come driving along eventually.

Tim said...

It's funny, the things you remember. Your picture and story reminded me of a trip my family took to Big Bend when I was maybe 10 years old. There are two things I remember from that trip. One, we were pulling a camping trailer and drove for hours. I thought we would never get to Big Bend NP, but we finally entered the park and saw the entrance sign. Little did I know that we had at least two more hours of driving in the park to get to the campgrounds. That is a huge park.
The other thing I remember is that when we finally camped, the people in the camper next to us had three daughters, named Faith, Hope, and Jody. Go figure.

Thanks for the post and the memories.

trash talk said...

I had to comment on Tim's comment. It is cracking me up! Faith, Hope...and Jody. Priceless. Those things just can't be made up. Deb

summersundays-jw said...

I think I know that boy! Looks like photos I have of the past. I'll vote for the old photos with old stories included. Jan

David said...

Thanks for the comment Tim. I love the Faith, Hope and Jody story!

OK, folks, look for some more "Blast from the Past" posts in the future. I think I already have on in mind.