Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Gifts

First of all, I'm not done boring you with the snake pictures! I have at least one more, OK maybe two, that I'd like to share. But you deserve a break, so let's talk about something else today.

The photo. Pretty cool, huh? That's a heart made out of driftwood. It may be hard to tell the size from the picture, but it's over a foot. It was a "just because" gift from my sweetheart, Mindy. So sweet! It goes great in my house and I do think it's beautiful. But I love it mostly because everytime I look at it, it is a happy reminder of how much she loves me!

I got another love reminder today. She is planning a birthday weekend trip for us. It was a surprise, but logisitically speaking, she had to let me in on it now. She did say "Surprise!" I love this woman!

Speaking of love gifts, you can help me extend one to my daughter, Alissa. She just started blogging and could use some encouragement. You see, her blog is about weight loss, dieting and exercise. She's gone so far as to post her weight, BMI and percentage body fat on her blog. Yes, she's very courageous to put this out there! It gives her accountability.

If you could drop by her blog and give her an encouraging word, I would appreciate it. I know it would mean a lot to her to know that she's not alone and that your kind words of encouragement and support would really help her. Especially if you've ever struggled with weight, yourself. And if you'd like to be her follower, so much the better. I'm so very proud of her for doing this! A lot of people desire to make positive changes in their lives, but she's doing something about it! She rocks! Here's her blog link.



Sincerely, Alissa said...

thank you dad :)

red.neck chic said...

I'm on way to meet Alissa! In the meantime - from the bottom of my thumping, pounding, sweating - skeert - heart - I appreciate the slight break in the snake saga. LOLOLOL

Seriously traumatized as a small child... it's not you. Or the snake necessarily. Okay - maybe the snake. But not you.

That Mindy... she's a keeper!!! She'll keep your heart from driftin'...

;-) Robelyn

darlin said...

Wonderful gift! No time to chat tonight... two more finals in one day and then I'll be back!

Have a great evening! Your daughter is beautiful and courageous by the way!

Alices Wonderland said...

That's pretty darned symmetrical considering its made from driftwood, very crafty indeed. But don't keep us in suspense---where is the trip to??

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I am not generally a heart person. But, the way you support me and encourage me and love me makes me heart you all over! Thank you for hearting me so much honey! ~Mindy

trash talk said...

I'm heading over to show her some support. We girls have got to stick together!
P.S. This is crazy, but do you remember that Elvis song Wooden Heart? It keeps playing in my head when I look at Mindy's gift!

Alices Wonderland said...


Yes, I did visit Alissa's site. She seems like a pretty cool girl. Hence my rant on the BMI.

Your trip sounds very nice, small towns are so fun. There is so much of Texas for me to explore yet.

thedomesticfringe said...

Great heart!

Your daughter's blog sounds like just the thing I need. I'm headed right over.

When's your birthday?

KarenSue said...

You made my day! Thank you for the sweet comment.
Love the heart your girlfriend made. I just might have to copy that.
Now I'm on my way to visit your daughters new blog. I would be so proud if mine would have one. Good for her.
Enjoy your day