Friday, August 27, 2010

First Amendment, The Original Version

Do you know what The First Amendment really means? If you've formed your opinion from what you've heard from the media, you most likely think The First Amendment has something to do with keeping God and all things spiritual out of the government and all public institutions. But that's simply not true.

This video makes it very clear that our founding fathers intended for The First Amendment to mean something very different from the self-serving, twisted interpretation most commonly presented by the media and our current government leaders.

Please pray that our leaders will return to God and the freedoms and beliefs that made this country great in the first place.


The Primitique said...

Wow! Very informative! Thanks for sharing!

mya said...

Have seen Barton on Glenn Beck's show. He always has interesting facts to present.

When Michele Obama said, We need to revise History," I wondered how literally she meant that. They lie about history, the school text books have had many lies printed in them for a couple of generations, the news does not have the facts, or they ignore the facts.

I hope they do not do away with documents that reveal the connection of God and the founding of this country. At first I thought that could never happen, but I never thought that the checks and balances built into the structure of our government would fail so miserably either.

Thank you for posting this.

Drama Queen said...

David - thank you for your encouraging words on my blog today - with regards to forgiveness....I am struggling, obviously....When it is my own pastor who has hurt me - and not just once, now, but 2-3 times - it is difficult for me, as the pastor was always someone I had been raised to respect...and as you said, I should probably not put myself in that position (yet again) to be hurt. Wise words...and certainly things for me to ponder....thank you again. :)


janet said...