Wednesday, December 8, 2010


First of all, the picture has nothing to do with this post; I just hate posting a blog without including a picture. I got to talking to someone online tonight about paranormal experiences. I told them the following true story. Having already typed it all up, I decided to share it with you as well.

I will warn you that what I'm about to tell you might seem strange to some. Heck, it's strange to me too! You may draw different conclusions than I do and that's ok. You may just say to yourself, "Then David got weird for a while." I promise to return to normal.

About 23 years ago, I experienced something that I can't fully understand, but was very real to me. It was at a time when my first marriage was on the rocks. I was very distraught. One night I lied awake for a long time thinking about all this before I finally started to fall asleep.

As I entered that semi-sleep state, I became aware that "someone" had sat down on the edge of the bed right next to me. I wanted to open my eyes, but I couldn't. Nor could I move. But I could feel the mattress slowly sink in on that side and I was very much aware that someone had begun sitting there. So close that I could feel them against me. I'm not sure, but I think they placed a hand on my arm. But they did not touch my skin directly, as there was a sheet and blanket over me.

I was simultaneously aware that my wife was still lying on the other side of me and I knew that we had been alone in the house with the doors locked. I was very aware of time and place and that I was in a semi-sleep state. The strange thing is I was not at all frightened. In fact, I instinctively knew that this "someone" was there to comfort me. No words were spoken. I did not see them; my eyes were closed the whole time.

Try as I might, I could not fully awaken myself. But I remained in this semi-sleep state and aware of the presence for what seemed like a long time. A peace gradually came over me and I eventually fell into full sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I could remember it distinctly as happening several hours prior. Which is very unlike dreams for me. I usually have a very hard time piecing together dreams once I awaken, even when I was having them immediately before awakening. This was very different than any dream I've ever had.

I can't explain why, but I knew it was someone of the male gender. I feel that this was either a relative that had died, an angel or Jesus himself. In any event, I'm grateful to this "someone." They helped me through a very difficult time.

OK, that's the story. I'll get right back to normal now.


angel_lyn said...

no...ur not weird
i hav experince that kind of 'dream' many times before
wat surprise me is tat u didn't feel afraid of the fact tat 'he' can do anything to u
i salute u for tat
i remeber when i had tat kind of 'dream',i was in a state of panic
i tried to move but coulnd't,as if i was paralysed(i coulnd't shout either,as if i don hav a voice)
the only things tat differentiate ur dream n mine was tat i always panic n i always get chocked by tat 'someone'
don know y n i don think i wan to know either
now,i stop havin tat 'dream' n i glad about it

trash talk said...

You're talking to someone who saw Jenn have a baby girl named Bella Marie in a dream a year and a half before she became a reality. Are you I? No...just blessed.

The Primitique said...

I like that you shared this. After all, God sends us who we need, in the form we need them in. Comfort is the gift that I am so glad you were able to receive. However, please make note. I am not sad that that marriage ended. Otherwise, where would I find my comfort? I love you! ~Mindy

thedomesticfringe said...

Wow. Incredible story. God is very gracious to us, and brings comfort just when we really need it.

Thanks for sharing.

David said...

Someone suggested it was sleep paralysis brought on by stress and lifestyle changes. I have to admit that after reading this, I can't rule it out...

But even if that's what it was, I like to think that God was still somehow behind it.

David said...

I am not sad that marriage ended either, Mindy. Although I would certainly not wish divorce on anyone, my life's events got me to this place, where I am exceedingly happy. God knows what He's doing. I love you too!

Mya said...

God's grace is beyond our understanding. He can cause things to happen 'right out of the blue' or he can use his laws to create what we might call a miracle. We wonder and try to analyze these events, and that is okay, but we should also just learn, as you have, to just humbly accept. said...

I have had an experience when my dad died when I was 18. He was in the hospital dying. We were always very close. One morning something 1half woke me up. I was half sleeping and half awake. I felt his presence in my bedroom in front of me and heard him say 'I have to go now'. I remember seeing a hazy image in front of me. He seemed very at peace and it would be like him to let me know. I woke and sat up in bed waking my husband telling him what had just happened when the phone rang. It was the hospital telling me that he had past. It always brings tears to my eyes and will be something that will always be with me. I think we are so blessed on this earth and do believe that things like this happen to many people. I am happy that I was so loved that he did this for me. I just hope that we are able to be back with the people that we have loved on this earth because I have lost many and miss them:) Sorry for such a long comment.
Capers of the vintage vixens

janet said...

i love this. for me, it speaks to those oh-so quiet moments in life when we actually hear what God is telling us. so much can be learned in those moments, so many answers. good for you for *hearing*!