Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fence Lizard Invasion

Fence Lizard Invasion, originally uploaded by Snakelover61.

By now, you know I like'em viewed on black.

Yet another photo from last weekend's trip to the deer lease. One of my stands is a pop-up style blind. It's sort of like a camouflaged tent. I set it up a couple of months ago so that the wildlife would get used to it. Well, get used to it they did! In fact, some of the wildlife actually took up residence in it. At least four fence lizards have made my blind their home. Now, as you may recall from yesterday's blog, fence lizards are prime food for the Loggerhead Shrike. Roadrunners are also fond of them. Lots of things eat lizards and I suppose my pop-up blind makes a fine refuge from lizard-loving predators. It was kind of comical because they kept scurrying around inside, hiding under the fabric flaps and then peeking out at me! Then they would go out through a window and crawl around on the outside of the blind for a while, peeking into a window from time to time as if to see if I was still there. And, of course, their little toe nails make a heck of a racket on the fabric. Great entertainment! This picture wasn't taken with my DSLR, just my little point-and-shoot.

What the heck, how 'bout one more...

Shoot Through Window


Cher said...

Great shot with a point and shoot! Love these digital cameras. You must be loaded down on weekends with all your cameras and hunting gear.

I hate those lizards scampering over me with their little toe nails lightly digging in. When one gets in the house, I make the dogs get it. It's entertaining for them and I don't have to touch 'em...well, until they're dead and the dogs aren't interested anymore.

The Texas Woman

thedomesticfringe said...

Great pictures! I love the first one.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I'm just tickled that the lizard isn't impaled on a barbwire fence by yesterday's bird! I, too, love that first pic. Quite a personality there. ~Mindy

trash talk said...

Well I come away knowing something new that I didn't know when I arrived. I had never heard of a fence lizard before. Now I am going to go and look it up. Thanks and super duper shots. Tn'T

Tim said...

I almost commented yesterday on that first lizard photo, but because my taste in photos can sometimes be so "out there" I didn't. Then Tina commented to me on it last night, so I knew it was good and not just my weird taste. That picture is incredible! You should think about entering it in the State Fair or some such. Nice work.