Friday, February 13, 2009

Frozen Margaritas

By now, everyone knows about the big 100th Post Celebration that Debbie of Talking Trash is throwing! It is the party of all parties! I hate to show up for a party empty handed. But what hostess gift to bring? One thing that every Texas party needs is a great frozen margarita! So today, in Debbie's honor, I share with you my very easy margarita recipe. For your convenience, I have created a PDF file that you can download and print by clicking here.

Frozen Margaritas

These are real easy, refreshing and not overly sweet. This recipe makes about four pretty good sized margaritas like the one pictured above. I recommend just using the cardboard can from the frozen limeade to measure everything else.

Mix the following in a pitcher:
One 6 ounce can of frozen limeade.
6 ounces 7-up or Sprite
6 ounces of high quality tequila. My favorites are Cabo Wabo or Tarantula Azul.
3 ounces Cointreau. You can use Grand Marnier in a pinch.

If you’re making them in the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction maker, use the above for the concentrate and you can make them one, two or three glasses at a time. If you’re making them in a blender, fill the blender with crushed ice and then pour the above mixture over the top and blend.

Dress it up with fresh limes. For two drinks, I like to slice a lime crossways in four slices. I use the two heels to wet the rim of the glasses so that the salt will stick. The two center slices are used to garnish the edge of the glass. Positive presentation is key!


OK, back to the party!!

I looked around my house to find something I could dress up for the party. I decided to follow Cher's lead and use a critter. This guy seemed like the best candidate. He has a big neck!

Does he look like he's ready to party? He's not a great dancer... four left hooves! And he doesn't have a name like George Cooney or Squirrelly MacLaine. Maybe you could help me come up with one? Any suggestions?

Naturally, I'll be spending most of my evening with the love of my life.

And after seeing her smile...Can you blame me?!!!!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I say you call him in Cuervo...Jose can you see with those glasses on? Love me some margaritas, honey! Let's dance!

Antiques and More Blog said...

Oh! Don't you two look cute! I'll have to try your Margarita recipe, looks refreshing! Thanks for sharing!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

I've never had a lime margarita before! And I love limeade! Pass me one! We used to go to On the Border all the time and have margaritas with our chips and salsa.

How about Buck Rogers? Or Buck Owens?


Jose does have a big neck!! And you know what they say about men with big necks??? Is it necks? Or feet? Or hands??...

trash talk said...

Chuck the Buck! Makes 4 servings, huh? What will everybody else be drinking now that I'm here! Maggie, how did you beat me over here?
David, I love your interpe, intreper, interpre, the thought!
Debbie AKA Queen of All Silliness!

thedomesticfringe said...

LOL! Cracked me up!!!

You've been spending too much time with Cher...


trash talk said...

David, thanks for being a good sport and for being the only rooster in the hen house tonite(the only real one,anyway). I hope you enjoyed yourself, because I sure did. Thanks for sharing the margarita recipe. I'll probably be trying that out real soon. Debbie

Cher said...

I knew I should have come over here last night but I didn't want to leave the party and miss anything!

My head hurts this morning and my tummy Igottago~

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

Stop back by...I've got something that is going to make you Valentine's extra special and guarantee Mindy's undying love(as if there was any question of that!) Debbie