Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winner winner, chicken dinner! Valentine's weekend to remember!

Whew, what a weekend! I spent Friday night wrapping up the final details of my Valentine's Day surprises and didn't have as much time as I would have liked to keep up with all the details of Debbie's big 100th post party. Luckily, I had started a post earlier in the day that included my margarita recipe. I took a picture of Chuck the Buck and joined the party kind of late. Lo and behold, I woke up Saturday to find that I was the winner winner of an awesome junk necklace made by 2 Chippys!

I want to extend a big public THANK YOU to Debbie of Talking Trash for throwing such a fabulous party and for the generous give-away! I will take a picture before Mindy gets her hands on that necklace! And then I'll take some more pictures because I know she will look lovely in it! Thank you so much, Deb!

I spent most of Saturday working on Mindy's floor. Oh my gosh, did I ever bite off a big project! Suffice to say all has NOT gone according to plan! But I think I'm getting through it and I still have high hopes of the final result looking fabulous!

Then we came back to my house and cooked a couple of beer can chickens on the grill. That's where the chicken dinner comes in! We had baked potatos too. It all tasted great! Mindy and I also exchanged our Valentine's cards and presents. She gave me a very nice set of Sony headphones for exercising on the elliptical! And a VERY sweet and romantic card! She melts my heart!

My "card" to her was a custom Shutterfly photo book that I titled "What I Love About You." With 54 pages, 216 photographs and a whole lot of heart-felt writing about specific things that I love about her, I think I just may have hit the Valentine's Day grand slam!

I've been so excited about this! I'd been working on it for a month, so I think I earned every one of those sentimental tears in Mindy's eyes! Yeah, I did GOOD!

After dinner, I took a quick minute to comment a word of thanks on Debbie's blog. And then it was off to the Meyerson Symphony Center for the Valentine's Day concert of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra! And that was, of course, a lot of fun! I had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the woman of my dreams!

I spent some more time this morning working on Mindy's floor and putting the chain saw to some fallen trees that needed to be cut up in her back yard.

Quite a weekend! It was a lot of fun, but I can't wait to get back to the office so I can get some REST!


Tracy said...

You did hit a grand slam! I love the photo book, that was such a great thing to do.

trash talk said...

You realize everybody who wanted to win is going to show this to their husbands, boyfriends and whatevers and tell them if they had participated as well.......
Poor guys don't stand a chance. It was fun having a guy win. I hope I added a "little" extra something to your romantic weekend! Wink Wink? Oh and I hope you didn't mind me borrowing Chuck for a photo op. He was just so doggone cute! Debbie

Cher said...

As IT Guy said, "He's a boyfriend. Let me know what he gives her in twenty years!" LOL

The Texas Woman

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

In twenty years, he will give me love. And that is all that I have ever asked. I am truly blessed, loved and cherished. Thank you, David. ~Mindy

summersundays-jw said...

What was really nice about you gift is that you actually planned something & didn't run to the grocery store & grab a bunch of flowers. It really is the thought that counts but knowing that you thought & thought about it is really special. You're a lucky twosome. Jan

Phyllis said...

The book you created for Mindy is just beautiful. It is every mothers wish that her daughter will find the man who will love and cherish her. You are very special and I love you for loving my Mindy. Phyllis

David said...

Thank you to all who left sweet comments. And for the one tacky comment too! LOL Is it tasteless Tuesday already?! ;-)

Debbie, your party and the necklace definitely added to our weekend. Thanks again, friend!

Phyllis, I wasn't expecting you to be the one that made me tear up! Thank you! I love you too! Now I'd better find my Puffs. I already know how you feel about sniffling! ;-)

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

You are such a romantic! One of the many things I'm sure Mindy loves about you!

2L3Bs World said...

what a coincidence..
last valentines, myself and my husband had a nightcap in LA Bar and i had tried their Singapore Sling. Then later I switched to Margarita.. I really love it and so myself and my husband discussed the best way to concoct the tastiest margarita, and I guess we will try yours.. Thanks for sharing..

summersundays-jw said...

One should not brag about having shirt-sleeve weather when one knows full well that others are freezing their tootsies off. Isn't it funnny how much we think we love summer when we're in the throes of winter. I'm just so anxious to be able to work outside. It's been a long winter & one I'll be happy to see behind me. Have a good weekend! Jan