Friday, April 2, 2010

Warrenton Day Four

I'm headed back to Warrenton in the morning. Which is the 9th and last day of the Zapp show. Sunday we'll be pulling the bulldog trailer back home with those two or three items that didn't sell. :-)

I'll take some more pictures tomorrow. But, since I'll be gone for a while, I thought I'd go ahead and post up Day Four, Monday, March 29th. These are the last of the pictures from when I was there, so here goes!

Where to begin. Last Monday was a somewhat uneventful day as Warrenton goes. I stayed at the travel trailer that morning to work on a leaking water pump while Mindy and Robelyn got the tent ready for a day of selling. When I arrived at Zapp, I passed by Carol's tent and saw this...

Hello? Is that... a stuffed kangaroo... in bunny ears? I don't even know what to say about that! But I like it!

Debbie of Talking Trash was all smiles when I arrived. Hi, Debbie!

Mindy and Robelyn had been hard at work with new sets. I like this look...

I decided to take a look around Debbie and Danny's tent. OK, this swan is fabulous!

As is this microscope! Love it!

OK, back to Mindy's tent. Have I mentioned the kick booty Primitiques Meets Red.Neck handbags by Robelyn?

Yeah, I guess I did, but they're worth another look! I decided to wander over to Maggie and Lilly's tent...

Yep, cool stuff everywhere you look. But check the reflection in the mirror...

Blink or something, ladies! Ha! Great stuff, though. I give them my stamp of approval!

I wandered back outside looking for more stuff to photograph. How about these wine bottles in Mindy's wine rack? I like the way the sun's shining on them. That should make an interesting photo.

I meandered over to another neighbor's tent. This is Meg Harper. As you can see, Meg is an artist.

She was working on something. That's fun!

I did mention the cool handbags, right?

I decided to set the camera down for a little while and do a reset. Robelyn joined in and the next thing you know we had created this...

I think the red.neck's rubbing off on me. But I had to tie the deer antlers to the taxidermy form with twine cause Robelyn left her duct tape in the car. Oh well. Whimsical, don't you think?

It was kind of a slow day. Another neighbor, Rebekah, makes custom pottery jewelry. Hmmm, not much going on here at the moment. Just watchin' the baby.

Maybe I'll go see how Meg's coming on that painting.

Mad skills, I tell ya! Way to go, Meg!

OK, I'd dilly dallied long enough. *sigh* Much as I hated to, I needed to get on the road. Had to be at work on Tuesday morning. So long, Mindy! So long, Warrenton!

Until tomorrow, that is! Yee haw!


darlin said...

Thank you for sharing your journey David, it looks like a photographers heaven! I love your shots, that kangaroo is way to cute and the reflection in the mirror is brilliant!

Happy trails!

Margo said...

Thank you David, I'm loving all your pictures. I bet everyone is dog tired, and ready for their own beds.
I'll bet Mindy needs a good long massage', hint hint.
take care

thedomesticfringe said...

I love that painting! Those are definitely mad skills. Cool swan too.


mya said...

I hope the show was a success for Mindy and other sellers. Looking around in the backgrounds of your pictures I see many interesting booths/tents. This is the kind of junking I like.
Your pictures portray a fun time.
Excuse me, but I have to say it. You and Mindy make a very attractive couple. I wish more men realized how appealing (ok - sexy) it is to hear a man speak so lovingly of his gal. Y'all have fun.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Margo has no idea how you spoil me with unsolicited massages, huh? I am spoiled! And look at mya saying such wonderful things!

I am always so glad when you pull out the camera and capture such wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing your talents, love!

Meg Harper said...

This is Meg, the artist from Warrenton! How fun your blog is David!! Thanks so much for including me : ). That piece sold at the show but I'll do more I promise.