Friday, April 2, 2010

Warrenton Day Three

On to Day Three! And that rhymes with Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Yep, you better put your seatbelt on, I kid you not! Cause, kiddo, you are now headed for a very pixel-rich blog post! Might want to give that browser a few extra minutes to load'em up before you start scrolling!

Can't wait? I understand. But proceed with caution. And I hope you have high-speed internet, cause, with over fifty pictures, this post is NOT dial-up friendly!

The day started with new sets...

OK. I know who this next lady is. Really, I do. But I'm not going to be naming names for Day Three. Why? Because Day Three includes Theresa's blog party and I am not going to even pretend I know all those people!

So since I can't name them all, I'm not going to name any. You, on the other hand, are welcome to shout out names in your comments. In fact, we can make a game of it if you want. So we can practice with this one. Hint: Her name sounds like a fast sports car...

The red.neck with the red hair helped my sweetheart with this way-cool name tag. See? No names! Isn't this fun?

Ah oh, there's a name on the tag. But I didn't say it, so it doesn't count!

And let's not forget those way-cool Primitiques meets Red.Neck Chic handbags!

A touch of green goes a long way.

OK, just past those great looking rusty bicycles is Theresa's blog party. Oh, darn, I said a name! OK, so Theresa will be the exception. But there will be no other names from here on out, just numbers.

You will see lots of pictures of people having a fabulous time! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ID them. Above each picture is a number. If you choose to play, type that number in your comment, followed by name(s) of the folks in the picture. Yes, you can ID yourself. In fact, that would be fabulous, as I would love to hear from some new people!

Party on!













































Was that fun or what?! A big thank you to Theresa Garden Antqs Vintage for hosting such an awesome party!

Coming soon... Day Four!


red.neck chic said...

Number 44 - Mindy and Janet!
4 - Angelique
5 - the oh-so-famous Cat Daddy!
15 - Anne and Adrienne!
35 - Anne!
37 - Jodie and...
38 - Maggie and (I am going to kick myself 'cause I can't think of his name)
40 - the Red Shed girls!

I give...
where was everybody's name tags? LOLOL Do I get a prize for that? hahaha

;-) robelyn

The Flying Bee said... we go:

4. Angelique
5. CD
7. TOT
11. Heather did I
not meet her!
13. Me!
14. Jo & Gina
15. Me & Anne
16. Shelley & Jodie
17. My hubby, Tommy & Angelique's
hubby, The Divine Mr. M
20. Robelyn
21. Robelyn & Angelique

Great job on capturing the moment!


KarenSue said...

Ohhhh how I wish I was your friend!
I want to go there. Someday maybe!
Thanks for the great photo's

Margo said...

I am so bummed to have missed it. Real life got in the way. Maybe next year.
thanks for the pics.

David said...

Thanks for playing y'all! There are still plenty more to guess, but I want to direct your attention to picture #8. You may know who's holding the cell phone, but do you know who's on the other end? I'll give you a hint. She's a Texas woman that many of us know and love, even though she tends to be a little tasteless on Tuesdays!


donna...@d.reyne's said...

That was cool!
What fun to go thru and see how many I could recognize!

Did I by chance see Rebecca?
I have just fond your delightful blog!

Have a blessed Easter Weekend!

Thanks for sharing these photos...I was really bummed out that I couldn't go this year!
But...there's always October!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow David!!!
You shot some great photos!!!!
This night was so much fun and it was nice meeting you all. It was all a bit overwhelming for me (to put it lightly) to meet all of these fabulous people!!!!
I can't believe that Mindy was talking to the TEXAS WOMAN! I would have loved to tell Cher hello!!!!! Wow!
Take care David and it was so nice meeting you and Mindy...ya'll are just amazing.
I'm just still overwhelmed...I don't know where to even start posting about my trip...and I'm NEVER speechless! It's been THAT overwhelming!!! But good!!!!
Happy Easter Weekend~

Jill said...

Thanks for sharing the photos--can't even begin to say how much I would have loved to have been there. Too far from Nebraska!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

As usual, super fab photos, David! Everything looks better through your lens. :-)

Great job!


thedomesticfringe said...

I love all these people shots! No guesses though...haven't spent enough time in Texas. ;-)


trash talk said...

Looking through your lens is a little like looking through the Romper Room mirror and twice as much fun. Here's a quick list:
Portia, Mindy, Amy, Rebecca, Renee, Laura, Val, me, C.D., Michele, Angelique, the Divine Mr. M, Theresa, Gwen, Carol, TOT, Heather, Adrienne, Jo, Gina, Anne, Shelley, Gloria and hubby, Rex, Robelyn, Tim, Maggie, Gary, Jodie, Janet, Gale, Heather, Laurie, Gina's I win a prize since I'm not usually that good with names and faces?
P.S. As always, your photos capture the joy that was the party! I am so sorry you weren't there for Bella's grand entrance!

David said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind words.

Debbie, that's very impressive that you knew so many names! I'm bummed that I missed Bella!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

ok...I'm going to give this a try:
1. Amy
2. Renee, Valarie, Trash, Cat Daddy and Michele
4. Mr. M and Angelique
5. Cat Daddy
6. Theresa
7. TOT
8. Me talking to Cher
14.Jo and Gina
15.Anne and Adrienne
16.Shelley and Jodie
17.Mr. M
21.Robelyn & Angelique
24.Robelyn and Me!
25.Mr. M (again!)
29.Me and Gina
30.Tim from CA
38.Maggie and Gary
40.Valarie, Adrienne & Michele
43.Valarie, Adrienne, Gina and Michele
44.Me and Janet.

Ok...a little help on the others, somebody??? ~Mindy

The Green Pea said...

David, thank you for the great photos. It is almost like being there. I am all the way out here in CA..Have a nice week. sandi

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

I'm definitely hiring you for my next Central TX shoot for my newspaper (big grrrl job). And I'm grateful that I wasn't around before you posted this... So happy to meet both you and Mindy in person for the first time! XOX

Unique Unique Design said...

Wow, David. Such great candid shots! As usual you got great pics!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ok. I cheated and refreshified my memory. Here's more:
2. Rebecca
3. between Renee & Val - Laura
11. Heather
23. Heather with Gale
39. Heather

I'm trying!

DancingRapunzel said...

This place looks so fun! Photos are amazing and so inviting.