Thursday, April 1, 2010

Warrenton Day Two

I know what you must be thinking. What?! Two posts in one day?! Yes, this could be a record! This post is all about Day Two of the Zapp show, which was Saturday, March 27th. It's a new day and you know what that means... a new hat for Mindy!

And new customers!

And new sets. The bone yard...

And new bloggers! Robelyn of Red.Neck Chic arrived to help Mindy for several days. Angelique of Six in One Hand dropped by for a visit and brought me a surprise gift that I won in her blog giveaway. Yee haw!

I'm not good with names and Mindy isn't around to help me. But I imagine some of you junkin' ladies will recognize more of these faces along the way. This is Heidi. I don't know her husband's name or whether she has a blog.

And this is Carol. I don't know whether she blogs, but she makes great cookies!

And this is Maggie of The Veranda. She doesn't much like to have her picture taken, so I usually have to sneak up on her! Or bribe her with a milk shake and onion rings!

Is that all of Day Two?! Holy cow, I must've been too busy to take pictures! I made up for it the next day, though. Because Sunday was the big blog party thrown by Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage! So stay tuned!