Saturday, September 24, 2011

And Then It Dawned On Me

I decided to take some time today to catch up on a few things around the house. While picking up the kitchen, I noticed an empty bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid and decided to take it to the recycle bin.

But wait. First, I'd better start a grocery list and include the Dawn on the list, lest I forget to buy more.

I went to the drawer in the kitchen where I keep pens and paper. While searching for paper, I noticed an old phone directory. Good grief, I haven't used this thing in years! All my addresses and phone numbers are either on my computer or in my cell phone now. Trash it.

Once again I began rummaging through the drawer in search of paper. Would you look at all this crap in here! I decided the drawer could use a good cleaning out, so I began taking everything out of the drawer and sorting. This goes to the garage. I need to take this to the office. Trash. This needs to go back in the drawer. More trash.

This was one of four "catch all" drawers in my kitchen. Do you have a catch all drawer? Some place where you just put things to get them out of the way when you're quickly straighening up and don't have the time to take them to the right place?

Anyway, after I straightened drawer number one, I made the mistake of opening drawer number two. Oh dear!  Then drawer number three. Then four. Sorting. Fixing. Throwing away. Putting things in their rightful place. Next thing I knew, a couple of hours had passed. The drawers look a lot better, though.  They're no longer "catch all."  They only contain the things that really belong there.  Good!

I turned around and noticed an empty bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid. That needs to go to the recycle bin. But wait. I don't want to forget to buy more, so first I'd better start a grocery list. I'll need a pen and paper. 

And then it dawned on me.


Vickie said...

Ha! Cute post, David!

Gopher update - I've gotten 3 already in the last week...Got another trap set, will know something hopefully by morning!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Sunday!

darlin said...

LOL isn't that just how it works?

I used to have a catch all or junk drawer, this new house only has two drawers so no room for one anymore and I'm pretty happy about that after reading your post. I don't have to clean drawers nearly as often as I once did. I recall the kids loved the catch all drawers when they were cleaning, instead of asking where something went or going out of their way, into the drawer it went. Nope I don't miss that at all.

Have a fantastic and blessed Sunday!