Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giveaway Drawing Number Three

Sometimes the stars are just aligned. And inexplicable good fortune rains down on someone like manna from heaven. Take for instance an email that Mindy forwarded to me earlier today. This guy won 181 million dollars in the lottery last Wednesday, then finds the love of his life just two days later!

Can you believe it? Simply amazing! Talk about luck! And they say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice! HA!

Which brings me to the third and final drawing. By now, you know the routine. I rolled the shell bag around some more. I unzipped it just enough for Alissa to get her hand inside. Then she plucked a shotgun shell from the bag...

Let's check the list to find out who has the number 20...

1 Cher, 39
2 thedomesticfringe, 28
3 trash talk, 25
4 ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage, 19
7 Tracy, 5
8 Phyllis, 4
9 Hi! I'm Cindy, 4
10 Margo, 3
11 Tim, 2
12 deb did it, 2
13 cheryls fascinatingfinds, 2
14 The Hat Chick, 1
15 2L3Bs World, 1
16 Antiques and More Blog, 1
18 MuseSwings, 1
19 jen, 1

---> 20 bella shabby, 1<---

21 delighted heart, 1
22 time-worn interiors, 1
23 Shannon @ Silver Trappings, 1
24 Moonlight Hollow Musings, 1
25 Janera, 1
26 philben5, 1
27 Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi), 1
28 Garden Antqs Vintage, 1
29 Sie, 1
30 Debi, 1

And the winner... with only ONE shell in a bag of 150 shells is....

Sue at bella shabby!

Sue, you must be livin' right, girl! Seriously! Congratulations! You get your choice of any of the misfits except for Misfit #6, the chocolate colored Pike Street blanket that Beth has already claimed from the first drawing and Misfit #1, the Oregon Scientific Emergency Alert Monitor that Jan has already claimed from the second drawing. Please comment your prize selection and email your shipping address to tx_david@yahoo.com so I can get it on its way.

So, folks, is the giveaway fun over? Hmmmm. Not necessarily.


Phyllis said...

What does Hmmmm. Not necessarily mean. Congratulations to all the winners (sob, sniff). Phyllis

Cher said...

David, if I were you, I would not use any of the shells with my number on it. They have my unlucky cooties on them!

Congrats to Sue.

The Texas Woman

bella shabby said...

Hi David, I came over to do a link for your giveaway and I see I already won it! That was a nice surprise. My choice is the folding lockback knife. All the guys in my family have their own knives - its time for me to have my own. No more , " will you please cut this for me? " Thank you So much , Sue

thedomesticfringe said...

It's amazing what money will do for a man.

I just have no luck. I'm never playing the lottery.


trash talk said...

Well seeing as how Sue is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, I guess it's OK she won!
Forget Mr. Lucky...how cool is it that Cinderella was able to find her Prince Charming in only a couple of days?


pedalpower said...

haha...I don't read too many guy blogs, but I love yours! A blog giveaway where you draw shotgun shells out of a bag. I love it! Of course I got here by way of your girlfriend's girly blog.